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13 Codes For Change and Acceleration

Comes in two parts

A full day workshop for each of 13 Codes for Change and Acceleration – Codes 1 and Codes 2. Do either or both. You do not need to have done Codes 1 to do Codes 2 and vice versa.

What is it?

A Unique, Simple, Powerful and Efficient New Technology for Personal Growth

What does it do?

  • Increases: intuition, clarity, empowerment and awareness
  • Brings a sense of excitement for life
  • Puts you in control of your own personal growth
  • Helps you to operate on a higher level in your daily life so things become easier

The Codes will work equally with all people – whether they see themselves as ‘spiritual’ or not.

If you see yourself as a ‘Spiritual person’; on the spiritual path, or if you just want to be the best person you can be – your best self, these codes will work for you. In fact the codes are embedded in all of us; doing this workshop just brings them out.

The Codes are also good for people who are not on the ‘spiritual path’. Some people are just looking for something to help them through everyday life.
They don’t need to become all spiritual and pious; they just want a tool; something to help them.

13 Codes for Change and Acceleration was channelled by Kachina Ma’an (link to Kachina) as a tool for personal development. ‘13 Codes for Change and Acceleration’ comes in two parts. You do not need to have done part One to do part Two, or vice versa. You will benefit from doing Part One OR Part Two; however the benefit will be greater if you do them both. There is no time limit in which to do both.

Time and Cost

Full day Workshop – $220 All workshop materials provided

“You don’t have to change your life to do this, but doing this will change your life.” – Kachina Ma’an


Crystal Workshops

An Introduction to Crystals:

A half day workshop to start you on your journey of discovering these wondrous gifts of nature. Make your own crystal essence spray to take home.

Learn the basics of crystals; what they are and the healing powers that lay within these gifts from nature. Find out how to choose a crystal and invite it into your life. Make your very own Crystal Essence spray, then take a journey with a Crystal Meditation to discover ways to incorporate crystals in your own healing practices or incorporate them into your everyday life.

Time and cost:

3 hour workshop – $150 All workshop materials provided.

Connecting with Angels

Learn to receive and give messages using oracle cards. We all have Angel Guides just waiting for the opportunity to give us a message. All you need to do is Open, Trust and Follow your Heart.

My Angel Card Course, “Connecting with Angels” helps you to do just that so you may communicate with these beautiful Beings, and continue to do so.

Half Day Course: 9.30am – 1pm.

Weekends in Hawthorn East or Weekdays in Surrey Hills.

Receive and connect with your very own new set of Angel Cards. Using Guided Meditation, open up to both giving and receiving messages. Learn to prepare, clear and read the cards confidently for clients, friends, family, and of course, for yourself!

Also, learn how the Angels communicate with numbers in everyday life. Share readings and leave feeling confident that you can now connect and communicate with your Angels through these beautiful tools.

Cost: $130 includes a new set of cards and all course materials

Payment by Visa, MasterCard, EFT or Cash

Please contact Kathleen: or 0488 227 444

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I teach people, through kindness and compassion, to raise their consciousness; to find their strength; to heal within, therefore, healing the outer.
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