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Pellowah Attunements Level 3 Shares

Whereas with Level 1 and Level 2 there is a limit to the number of attunements you can receive, Level 3 allows you to have control over when you want to receive an attunement and increase your own awareness.

When you are attuned to Level Three Pellowah Healing Technique© you are able to give attunements as well as receive them.

So, I offer Pellowah Healing Technique© Attunement shares to allow Pellowah People to get together and share attunements. It is a relaxed time and we enjoy a cuppa and chat as well as performing Pellowah attunements for each other in a group setting. 

You must have Pellowah Level 3 to attend

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I teach people, through kindness and compassion, to raise their consciousness; to find their strength; to heal within, therefore, healing the outer.
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