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Understand your inner self and its mission through the magic of numbers.

Based on the Pythagorean principle that ‘numbers are energy’, a numerology consultation can light your path, giving you clearer understanding of who you are.

It is one thing to be given this information; but I also give you tools to help in the areas the Numerology highlights. An extra bit of help where it is needed.

Allow me to help you along your path.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the ‘Science of Numbers’ as founded and taught by Pythagoras around 535 BC. It is a way to understand ourselves and our personal connection with other people.

In a way, it can be described as the road map our soul chose to follow in this life. The metaphysical meaning of the numbers gives us an overview of our life’s chosen path – and with that knowledge it can help us in everyday life; our relationships with ourselves and those around us.

Time and Cost:

$110 for One Hour (includes a bottle of essence).

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I teach people, through kindness and compassion, to raise their consciousness; to find their strength; to heal within, therefore, healing the outer.
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