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Essential Oils

Essential Oils have a vibrational impact on the body and energy fields

Essential oils help to uplift and resolve the emotional and spiritual imbalances that often underpin disease. I see Essential Oils as Nature’s gift to us all.

In his book ‘Natural Home Health Care using Essential Oils’ Dr Daniel Penoel MD puts forward the concept that therapeutic-grade essential oils have an innate intelligence. Comprising hundreds of individual constituents, each with an individual action on the body and emotions as well as a collective (synergistic) action; an essential oil works on whatever levels the recipient needs it to work. Its effect can be emotional, physical or spiritual.

When I first used Essential Oils I noticed the increased vibrational effect it had on my clients. As a result I include them in some form with all of my Reiki healing sessions.

The Ancient Egyptians used essential oils for thousands of years. The Ebers Papyrus, discovered in 1817, is a medical scroll over 870 feet in length. It dates back to 1500 BC and includes over 800 different herbal prescriptions and remedies.

The Romans purified their temples and political buildings by diffusing essential oils and there are over 200 references to aromatics, incense and ointments throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

There is historical evidence dating back 4000 years on the use of aromatic plants by the people of India, China, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

From Egyptian hieroglyphs we have learned that essential oils were mankind’s first medicine. Essential oils were used also for beauty and hygiene whilst Priests, Priestesses and Physicians used them to assist with healing.

The Egyptians’ strong belief in the afterlife led them to master the embalming of their dead using essential oils; as a result we are able to see the product of their skills in the mummies displayed in the Cairo Museum today. They had a wonderful understanding of essential oils and consequently we are privileged to have gained knowledge of their preparation methods and properties of the oils themselves.

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