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About Nayali Ayam

Many people know me as Kathleen, but in this field, I use my Spirit name, Nayali Ayam. My spirit is who I truly am, so I step fully into, who I truly am.

As a child I had a wondrous connection to nature and the elements. I could see things that others did not.
I seemed to leave that behind as I grew farther away from my childhood days. Peaceful times playing in the garden and by the river was replaced by schooling, study and life in general.
My childhood ‘special friends’ seemed to disappear as I became an adult and pursued a career in nursing, mainly in ED. No Longer did I take the time to visit my garden and river. Life became busy and I found myself in a very scientific based hospital system, doing my bit to help people.
After marrying and having 2 beautiful children, I seemed to soften, to find the gentle side I possessed as a child. My ED days were done, and I found myself working in a clinic where I could give one-on-one care to my patients.
Then in 2008 my eyes were opened to the beautiful world of crystals, the magic of numbers and a whole new arena of healing – Energy Healing and spirit communication. My new life had started…
I found a way to blend the scientific world of modern medicine with the ancient world of natural medicine; the type that starts healing from within, so the outer may heal.
In our clinic I developed a way to bring in a holistic approach, working alongside our “scientific black-and-white” medical team. I was able to offer our patients more in the way of support. It seemed to work really well and the gratitude I received from my patients spurred me on to find more ways to help.
So, this is where I find myself today in 2020. Twelve years of study and experience in Energy Healing, Crystals, Essences, Oils and guiding people through Meditation, has led me to develop an individualised program where I can offer help to people who are searching for something, but often don’t know what they want. I am living my passion; that is, to help people to help themselves. I feel extremely privileged and grateful. This is who I am.

Pellowah Melbourne offers Pellowah Healing and Teaching; Codes for Change and Acceleration workshopsReiki healing with Essential Oils and EssencesMeditation and self-help workshopsAngel Card readings and teachingNumerology.

Pellowah Melbourne

12 Cato Street
East Hawthorn
Vic 3123

P: 0488 227 444

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I teach people, through kindness and compassion, to raise their consciousness; to find their strength; to heal within, therefore, healing the outer.
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